The Complete Guide To Watches A Man Should Own

Figuring out which watch goes well, especially when you have recently started reading up on the watches or just thought of acquiring one. In any instance, narrowing down your possible list of options from hundreds of watch brands, too many variants and designs can make you feel overwhelmed. And leave you with no idea where to begin at?


In today`s Blog post, we will be answering the most recurring questions that dwell in the minds of every man. Which watches should they invest in? 


The reason so many variants, style colours and dials exist when it comes to watches each style is different. While you can wear a watch for several, it will not always compliment your style. A good piece of watch from a well-known brand can last a lifetime and is an investment that keeps on giving and giving. How is that true, and what factors should you take into consideration while picking out a piece yourself and more? Find out everything there is to know in this five-minute blog read.


Choosing the Right Watch Size for Your Wrist and Personality


There is no doubt that timepieces are all about style, and luxury and compliments your style and personality, unlike any other accessory. We cannot make a statement about what a good or bad watch looks like. However, we can mention the qualities a good watch should entail. The mindset you walk in with to purchase the watch is significantly going to affect the choice you make. But there are some similar qualities you should look for regardless you are purchasing a watch for yourself or looking to make an investment.


  • Fit: Your wrist size is going to play a crucial role in determining how graciously the watch compliments your style. A chunkier dial on a small wrist is bound to look ugly on wrists that are relatively small in diameter. Instead, looking for the watch and dials that are in proportion with your wrist is the key.
  • Style: In a perfect world, one watch should have worked for several occasions. And I would be lying if I didn`t bring up the classic and minimal watches, which almost always work and watch you can wear with anything. But when the goal is to look chic and elegant, you wouldn`t want just to get by. However, every occasion demands a different style.
  • Material: Quality watches are usually made of stainless steel, there are also ones with ceramic and titanium as materials, but they are more expensive. While looking for a watch, it should at least be made with stainless steel and ensure that it comes with a PVD coating which protects the watch from discolourations and increases its life. It also reduces the chances of skin irritation caused by watches, as is rarely the case with ceramic, titanium and stainless steel.
  • Glass: Just like material, there is also variety available when it comes to glass, each differing in properties. Sapphire is usually the best glass because of its extreme resistance to scratches and the hardness that comes along with it. If you are looking for glasses that are in the lower category of the price range, look for Crystal glass instead of mineral one as they are three times stronger than regular glass.
  • Watch Movement:  Most Affordable watches, which are in the 300$ category, follow quartz movement, which is powered by a battery. A significant advantage of quartz watches is that they are more accurate and affordable than luxurious mechanical watches. These watches are expensive due to more moving parts and superior craftsmanship. However, due to their mechanical nature, these watches lose about an hour yearly, hence the expensive price tag. The smoother a mechanical watch works that are how expensive it is likely to be. Making it completely appropriate as an investment timepiece.


The Best Timepieces For Men That Are All About Style And Substance


In recent times, many from the herd have been replacing timepieces with smartwatches. But there is a reason that timepieces are referred to as luxuries, and in our humble opinion, it is an exquisite essential that every man should own. It serves the essential purpose of telling time and makes up a personal style statement. That`s why we have included the best of clocks, rugged chain watches and classic strap ones, which might seem relatively expensive, but each one will compliment your style and is bound to catch your eye, just like it caught ours at all the watch trade shows.


1.      RolexBlue Diamonds 18k White Gold And Stainless Steel Datejust

2.      Patek Philippe White 18k Rose Gold Calatrava 

3.      Cartier Blue Stainless Steel Tank MC 

4.      Bvlgari Black Stainless Steel Bvlgari (65% off)

5.      Hublot Black Diamonds Titanium Classic Fusion Aero Chronograph

6.      Rolex Black Stainless Steel Submarine

7.      Omega Balck 18k Rose Gold DeVille Hour Vision 

8.      Tag Heuer Green Stainless Steel Carrera Chronograph 

9.      Breitling Brown Diamonds 18K Rose Gold Transocean

10.  Cartier Black Stainless Steel Must 21 Quartz Chronograph 


How to Choose the Perfect Investment Watch for Your Lifestyle 


Being a watch enthusiast myself, my interest lies heavily in watches. When I started to look for timeless luxury statements, I made some rookie mistakes thinking that investment watches have to be expensive, but as I dug deeper into it, it was evidently clear that the whole thought process was wrong. As an investment, watches are good, but the perspective needed a bit of twitching. Specific quality watches with low prices will offer the same level of quality and elegance, which means going for the pieces that resonate with your style and are iconic. As a beginner in watch investment, here are the qualities you should consider.


Being Patient: Investment watches require time and patience for the purchasers. Expecting that you will be flipping watch one week after the other is not realistic, and it might end up demoralising your whole intent.


Invest In Brands: Trust and brand loyalty Rolex and Patek Phillips have built and garnered over the years from the men`s luxury watch enthusiasts is hard to meet and beat by any of the other watch manufacturers. These watches stand out regardless of the variant and kind you are shooting for. The watches rarely end up being baggage that you would have to discard. It might as well be considered the equivalent of investing in tesla or amazon stocks in today`s time.


Knowing the Risks: Be real with yourself as the best investment watches involve more risk and are not the same as investing in government-level security bonds. While the bonds ensure a return on your investment, the watches don`t. As they are heavily reliant on people`s perspectives of what is good and trendy, and trends change faster than the wind sways. The trends of 2022 feature smaller dials and elegant pieces, but that does not ensure that the same featuring dials would be a hit five years down the road.


Invest in What You Love: The Watch investment Business is scary and comes with a lot more additional, unlike traditional investments. And there will be times when you did not make the right call while opting for the certain Timepiece. However, if you love the piece, you can always retain the piece for personal use and not be worried about the return of the investment likely to be in the next ten years. You can make it a part of it your legacy and pass it down from generation to generation.


Vintage never disappoints. Watches used to be handmade decades ago. Making. The superior craftsmanship and attention to detail make each piece one of a kind. While the newer version and editions are bound to VAT and depreciation, the vintage pieces will likely go up in value. 


Are watches a good investment? When it comes to choosing the right style, there is not much that can be added except for considering your personal preference, and as far as investing in Watches goes, there is no cheat sheet that can be handed out as to which watches are likely to shoot up in pricing. But a calculated guess can be taken, and among the above-mentioned picks, some are bound to gain value with time as they have in the past.