Tactical Gear Necessary For Survival

If you plan on going on an adventure trip, you need to make sure to have the right equipment to survive in the wild. Whether it be fishing, trekking, hunting, forest trip, or just camping in the great outdoors, having the right set of gear can make the difference between life and death. The preparation begins by opting for the right type of clothing attires that have the sturdiness and versatility required for such events. While It is the last one on one`s priority list, good tactical clothing is just as necessary as other pieces of equipment you will be taking with you along the trip. But what makes clothing tactical? 

What Is Tactical Gear? 

Initially, tactical gear was the terminology used to refer to highly specialized gear and equipment which was needed for law enforcement agencies and the military. The word "tactical" literally means "Relating To Tactics," which is a rather simple definition for an umbrella term. Even more importantly, as it covers clothing, survival gear, equipment, shoes, belts, and several other numbers, it has made its way into the fashion industry now and is one of the most sought-after items for adventure seekers and those looking for versatile clothing.  

It has various important characteristics that make the clothing appropriate for all types of settings and environments. What are those qualities that make these pieces of attire special?

  • Durability: All types of tactical gear are put through various stress tests in different environments as it needs to be able to withstand big impact and versatile enough for all types of seasons and weather conditions.

  • Privacy: concealment is one of the most important features of tactical gear. Being able to blend in with the surroundings provides the much-needed stealth to make your hunts and surprise enemies in extreme conditions.

  • Comfort: Hunting, fishing, trekking, and camping all of these are tasks that not only require you to wear gear that is sturdy but also comfortable as you will be wearing these items and most probably even sleeping in them. Since most tactical wear is worn for a number of hours, it is vital that these items are comfortable and become the cause of as little irritation as possible.

  • Movability: Being Mobile Is just as important as any other tactical gear. Since most of it pertains to outdoor activities, the room to move around freely is considered more than other types of outfits. You will see how each tactical gear incorporates this quality to make running and overall movement easier.

  • Weapon Friendly: Whether you are heading out for hunting or part of one of the law enforcement agencies. Carrying a weapon with you in your regular trousers can become a cumbersome task. The Tactical gear incorporates traits that enable the wearer to carry weapons with discretion and hide them from plain sight.

Tactical clothing should incorporate all the qualities as mentioned earlier but also has become the fashion admirers` favorite due to the rugged look it brings to the table. If you are one of those people who love the rugged look or just an adventurer looking for comfortable clothing that could bear all seasonal circumstances, here is a list of must-have essentials that check out all the boxes and are fashion-forward to be worn as an everyday wear item.

Tactical Pants: 

Unlike your usual pants, tactical pants come with a number of additional pockets that come in handy to store everyday essentials as well as some additional gear that you might need in the wild. Most tactical pants come with concealed pockets to carry keys, cards, or other items which you might lose while wearing any other pair of bottoms. Tactical pants also have deeper pockets that are long and narrow with reinforced clips to carry knives for hunting which might not be possible with other types of pants.

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Tactical Jackets:

 Tactical jackets have become people`s attraction because of their trait of keeping the wearer warm and dry even in extreme weather conditions. As most tactical jackets are cold resistant, in they meanwhile bring applaudable drying quality, which is lacking in other quality fabrics and outerwear. Apart from its adaptation to environmental conditions, it comes bearing a huge number of pockets that you might not be able to find in any other type of outerwear. Several slots to carry additional pieces of equipment, which include slots for walkie-talkies, compasses, and various other items, depending on the situation at hand.

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Tactical Footwear

Footwear has become a necessity for people with activities in extreme environments and tough terrains. Tactical Footwear, which is commonly boots, is specially designed in a manner that does not compromise the wearer`s ability, agility, and stability in no manner whatsoever. The shoes also bring an added level of comfort for walking and running on rough terrains, which is not a common characteristic of other types of shoes. Tactical boots have a good tongue for better stability, eyelets that keep the laces in place, an Upper made of firm yet breathable material for long hours, a toe cap that protects you from experiencing injuries, and an arched insole being the most common traits you should be looking for in tactical boots.

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Tactical Gloves

The fourth essential that every adventurer should seek is tactical gloves. They provide an additional layer of protection against unnecessary injuries and improve overall agility. However, with tactical gloves, you can find gloves that cover your finger and others that only cover the palm of your hand—each serving its own purposes and is up to the wearer`s preference. 

  • Fingerless gloves: With these types, you get protection against cuts and scrapes without compromising the finger dexterity, which makes them ideal for hunting as full-finger gloves can get in between. It also delivers the ability to perform small hands tasks with precision while still protecting your palm and lower end of the wrists from the usage of power tools. But the importance of full finger coverage can not be ignored. If you are heading for this particular type, be ready for more cuts and abrasions with little to no protection from the cold.

  • Finger-full gloves: These gloves might lack dexterity. However, it provided added protection against scars and abrasions. It also protects your hand from the cold and provides protection against frostbite. In cases of rain, these gloves provide better handling than bare hands or fingerless gloves.