Healthy Beauty Essentials By Pique Life

Beauty is not solely dependent on what is applied to the skin externally. It is mainly the result of your inner health, especially when it comes to good-looking skin. Skin needs deeper health care to glow brighter and shinier than just skin care.

Pique aims to improve one`s health inside out, which is why their motto is to develop doctors-approved and scientifically checked products that are equally good for your health inside and give you astonishing beauty outside from head to toe.

Pique is a well-established beauty brand that consumes exquisite ingredients extracted from the most biodiverse and ecological destinations worldwide. Be it Kagoshima`s mountains, the Coast of Calabria, Italy, and the forest of Yunnan in China. They have a solid and diverse team of doctors, farmers, and ingredient scientists who put in the commutative and individual effort to bring the best out of raw materials.

With their motto to improve the ideology behind beauty, Pique brings you unique products. That will not only bring out alluring skin but gives numerous health benefits, through which you feel beautiful inside out.

Glowing And Radiant Skin:

Appearance is the most admired. One is pleased with what Pique sees, and hence, to bring you the best skin, Pique has come up with a mixture of great ingredients that not only fix the outermost layer of skin but cater to numerous inner problems that may have been causing the dullness and darkness to the skin. A list of best sellers in the category of radiant skin is put forward so you can fix your beautiful skin even better.

                                             I.            Sun Goddess Matcha

On top of the list is their Sun Goddess Matcha, which provides healthy skin, good metabolism, and calm energy. It is made of 100% authentic ceremonial grade matcha procured from Japan.

·         The goodness of EGCG firms brightens up the skin.

·         Catechins work miraculously to keep the body in shape as it curbs sugar and hunger cravings.

·          It`s 100% organic with the best properties of Chlorophyll, Caffeine, and L-theanine.

How does it work?

It can be consumed in two ways: cold and hot drinks.

To make the cold drink:

·         One scathe, with 12 oz of cold water. Mix/stir well before use.

To make the hot drink:

·         Add one scathe of matcha to 12 oz warm water. The water temperature must be 140-150 Fahrenheit.


                                           II.            B.T Fountain | Beauty Electrolyte


The second most important is their B.T. Fountain drink. It`s a magical blend of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Phytoceramides, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pure Coconut Water Powder, Himalayan Pink Salt Citric Acid, Natural Yuzu Raspberry Flavor, Beetroot Juice, Extract, and Monk Fruit Extract. With an exhaustive list of ingredients, their team has produced this magical drink that helps you get glowing skin.

·         It visibly improves skin elasticity.

·         Offers you a youthful, dewy glow.

·         Reduces fine lines.

·         Give deep hydration to the skin.

How to use it?

Mix one scathe of B.T. fountain in 12 to 16 oz of water and mix well to use it.

It is recommended to use it twice or thrice a day.

                                         III.            Radiant Skin Duo Ritual


It`s a bundle offer that Pique provides for the ease of its customers. And for those who want to avail combined benefits of Sun Goddess Matcha and B.T Fountain. Radiant Skin Duo ritual has to be consumed similarly as mentioned above. And it gives vital results in a short amount of time.

Healthy Immune System:

                                             I.            Daily Radiance | Elderberry Liposomal Vitamin C


As aforementioned, beauty is only the work you do on the exterior, but the interior demands much more effort. A good diet and healthy drinks are essential to improve your immunity. Daily Radiance is formulated with extracts of Vitamin C, Organic Elderberry Juice, and organic lemon juice.

·         Produces healthy cologne levels with liposomal Vitamin C.

·         The presence of Elderberry helps prevent skin from Sun damage.

·         The antioxidants help in smoothing and brightening up skin from the inside out.

How To Use It?

You can consume Daily Radiance Liposomal Vitamin C whenever you like, with or without meals. This won`t impact the effectiveness and absorption. It is manufactured with sodium ascorbate, a milder vitamin C acceptable for sensitive stomachs. Tear at the notch and eat straight from the package.

                                           II.            Hibiscus Beauty Elixir


It`s a global tea competition 2018 gold medalist. It`s an excellent gold medalist`s tea that one cannot stop drinking because of its fantastic taste and numerous health benefits. It is made of organic hibiscus, mint, and licorice.


·         Exquisite hibiscus of Egypt that is naturally rich in vitamin C

·         Nourishes healthy skin with potent antioxidants

·         Encourages relaxation and renewal (caffeine-free)

·         NO additives, refined sugar, or preservatives

·         USDA organic and thoroughly checked for toxins

How To Use It? 

Add the crystals to the cup first. Then mix in 8 ounces of warm water. 180°F is the ideal water temperature. Don`t boil the water.

Happiness Guarantee:

Pique provides a 30-day return policy to ensure the complete satisfaction of their customers. Anyone who is unsatisfied with the promised results of the product they acquired can happily return it to the company. The company will be more than happy to receive the product back and address the concern of their beloved customers. Pique promises to keep their customers 100% satisfied and has policies formulated that way.

The beauty guide does not end here; there are tons of products that Pique offers to enhance your health and beauty. Keep visiting their store to keep yourself self-updated at first hand regarding all the exciting developments and offers. A healthy life is a happy and beautiful life.