Clothing Essentials For Babies

As a new mom or dad, you might be confused about the clothing choices for your kids. What do they exactly need? The first few days, or the initial month, to be a bit more definitive, are one of the most crucial for the mother as well as the baby`s development. 

While the new parent has too many choices regarding the kind of feed, activities, and habits they want to take on, they also need to consider the clothing choices for their newborn or infants. Buying before the delivery of the child is the more appropriate approach in this scenario. And as a new parent, you might end up spending more than you should, which is clearly the wrong way as your newborns will outgrow them in the blink of an eye (figuratively). But that does not necessarily mean that you should not consider the kind of clothing you choose for your baby. 

What Kind Of Clothing Does Your Baby Need?

Babies` ensembles are indeed significantly expensive, and it is that way for all the right reasons. The fabric requirement, comfort, and breathability of the attire are some factors every parent should consider before making the purchase. There is a huge variety of fabric types you will encounter when you head out for shopping, including polyester and spandex, and while you might think the elasticity will play a good role with a baby`s growing size, it can cause various skin allergies and create hormonal issues. 

On the other hand, cotton is the most preferred fabric by parents, and doctors recommend it as it ticks all the boxes. The cotton-based clothes feel soft against the skin and have the breathability to keep kids cool during the summer. Its organic nature ensures that your baby does not contract any skin issues, and it is durable with a fairly easy-to-use nature. They are easier to clean when stacked against other types of clothing fabrics. In addition to all the earlier factors, they are biodegradable, leaving a less environmental footprint.

Clothing Essentials For Babies

Onesies:  Onesies usually depict a deeper round neck and no coverage around the legs of the baby. These are as good as it gets during the baby`s initial months. Their no-leg design and deep necks make them comfortable for the whole summer season. You can distinguish them from below the waist as onesies mostly come with snaps attached to the crotch, which makes it very easy to change diapers. 

Undershirts:  Undershirts are often made of cotton, which is perfect for most indoor settings and stay-at-home days. These are light, breezy attires often featuring cute designs with a wide neckline which ensures that your baby gets clothed with very little effect on the head, which can get rather daunting and exhausting with other types of baby clothes. 

Booties And Socks: While barefoot is essential for kids to develop their ligaments and muscles and garner the perfect feet shape, it does not mean that the importance of good stylish socks or booties can be neglected. Not only do they protect the kids` feet from infections, but they also provide protection against various ground environments and prevent odor as infants or newborns are known to produce more sweat than adults.

Mittens And Winter Hats: Due to their fragile skin, babies are more prone to changes in temperature and can catch a cold if not taken care of. The mitten and winter hats not only add to your little loved ones` cuteness but also keep them warm in colder months of the year. Especially the winter hats, as the babies` heads are larger in proportion to their body size, they lose more heat than adults. You can also shop for summer hats to take their clothing game up a notch but make sure not to buy anything made of heat-trapping material, as overheating can be a serious problem.

Jumpers: jumpers do not generally become part of the equation until the baby gets active and there is a more frequent movement to be expected. But it caters as an additional layer during the winter, becoming rather useful and adorable. 

Where To Shop For Baby Clothes?

It is unlikely that you would be able to turn your head to simple clothing, especially when it comes to your little ones. Babies` clothes need to have functionality, good designs, comfortable fabric, washes well, and most importantly, feel soft against the baby`s skin. The variation is not limited; however, not every company caters to all designs and styles and even if they have one. The collection is often blatant. However, Blade and Rose saw the problem and took it upon themselves to solve the persistent issues with babies` clothing and have ever since won several awards for their unique designs, comfortability, and quality of attires. It brings a huge range of collections to the table and can be your one-stop solution for your loved ones` essentials.


  • Should You Be Concerned About The Gender Of The Baby?

When it comes to shopping for your baby`s ensembles, there is nothing to be concerned about, as most outfits available in the market are unisex and work well against all genders.

  • Is Baby`s Clothing Expensive? 

Baby ensembles are indeed relatively more expensive than adult clothing. Given the outfit is not even going to be usable after a few weeks, the cost is due to elegant craftsmanship, unique designs, fabric quality, and testing, which ensures that the attire meets the safety standards.

  • Can Baby`s Clothes Washed Regular Detergent

Washing your infant`s clothes with your regular clothes is completely okay. However, Liquid detergents are preferable to the powdered form of detergents as they have a harsher effect on the cloth`s fabric.